Ringwood Uniting Church Kindergarten

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Ringwood Uniting Church Kindergarten is an uplifting space close to Ringwood Station filled with natural light, hidden playgrounds, and beautiful indoor trees that captivate the imagination and change with the seasons.

Children learn about caring for the environment, animals and each other in our kindergarten.


Children immerse themselves in nature at our kindergarten while learning about the world and how they can help protect it. We give them the freedom to experience the environment through planned activities, play, and engaging their five senses so they can gain a true appreciation for their surroundings and have fun doing it!

Our kindergarten features:

● Planned and intentional indoor spaces

● Secure outdoor spaces

● Trees and natural shade

● Shade sail

● Herb and vegetable gardening beds

● Play areas with climbing equipment

● Sand pit

● Swings

● Gross motor play equipment for activities such as climbing, skipping, throwing and catching

● A worm farm

● A dry creek bed

● Stick insects

● Additional lawn for gross motor games, picnics and other outdoor activities

● Indoor paper craft trees


We have a ball on excursions and love exploring the outdoors and being entertained by special guests at our kindergarten.

Children learn about the world around them and delight in activities such as:

● Trips the library

● Visiting local primary schools

● Listening to African drumming

● Caring for the rabbits (program)

● Chicken hatching

● Community walks

● Maintaining the worm farm

● Learning how to recycle and compost

● Enjoying performances Carp Productions (interactive theatrical show)

We also participate in the Smiles 4 Miles program encouraging and promoting good oral health habits and healthy eating.

Health and wellbeing

Children help grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs in our kindergarten garden as they learn about sustainability, the environment, and nutrition while getting their hands dirty and enjoying the outdoors.

We teach them about:

● Eating healthily

● How to nourish their bodies through fresh food and exercise

● Food safety and hygiene

Children also learn about foods from other cultures and how to cook basic meals like soup during our cooking sessions.

Family and community

We actively engage parents in Centre activities, celebrate diversity and help children develop a sense of community.

Parents and carers are encouraged to:

● Celebrate significant cultural festivals and days at the kindergarten

● Talk to the children about their jobs or other interesting topics

● Volunteer their time

● Assist with fundraising

● Be part of our parent advisory committee

● Attend parent workshops

● Attend working bees

● Participate in family nights or afternoon teas

Children regularly engage with the community through visits to:

● Local primary schools

● The local library

● Wellbeing practitioners

● Migrant Information Centres


Some of our educators are fluent Chinese speakers. We translate important information for parents and display it in our foyer

Special services

Every child is supported and cared for in our kindergarten. Our educators are experienced in working with children who live with a range of physical and intellectual disability or have experienced challenges and trauma.


Registration forms can be submitted now for both 4 year old and 3 year old kindergarten places in 2019 and 2020 via the Maroondah Council which manages a centralised registration for funded 4 year old kindergarten and 3 year old kindergarten.

Forms should be returned to Council as soon as possible as kindergarten places are allocated in date order of receipt.

For more information or if you’d like to arrange a visit,, please Get in touch or call us on 03 9870 1707.

Fill out an expression of interest form with Maroondah Council, who manage enrolments on our behalf

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