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Kindergarten Inclusion Support Short-Term Assistance provides the right support


Starting formal education with the right support is vital for children living with disability or developmental delay.

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Drought kindergarten fee subsidy for families in East Gippsland and Wellington Shire


Low cost or no cost kindergarten fee support for Victorian farmers and their families.

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St Andrews Sunbury Kindergarten and Community Tree Warmer Project


The St Andrews Sunbury Kindergarten Tree Warmer project launched in April to realise our mission and commitment to encouraging children, families and other community members to come together and integrate with their community.

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Victorian government commits to early learning funding for all 3 year olds


All children deserve access to quality education that gives them the best start to life.

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Service affected by bushfires in Eastern Victoria


The ongoing bushfires in Eastern Victoria are affecting some of our services in that region.

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